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Green Initiatives

PTI recognizes the importance of sustainability. As our business grows, we want to make sure we minimize our impact on global warming. We strive to be socially responsible to ensure that the communities we live in continue to grow and prosper. We also look for ways to implement "green" practices and materials into our processes to ensure the ongoing health of our planet.

We are committed to help build a clean energy future.

Phoenix Trading Inc. is taking every step to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices in our company, to reduce our carbon footprint, ensure efficient computing and help our employees be green. We have a number of programs in place designed to reduce waste, reuse material when possible, and recycle. PTI recycles :

Wooden Pallets
Scrap Steel
Rechargeable batteries and other items used in our packing operations

Our Facility:

TouchPRO Wireless with Clear Connect technology thermostat controlled facility
100% LED light all around the buildings
Solar Power
Energy Efficient Devices
Proper Disposal of Electronics

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