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Packaging for Vendors

Phoenix Trading, Inc. provides expert Mil-spec packaging & labeling services. We support all aspects of the packaging process, including assistance with MIL-STD- 2073 specifications, WAWF, RFID, and UID requirements. In addition, when your material leaves our warehouse, we make sure that the packaging is in line with the contract requirements so that your product is not rejected for lack of packaging compliance.

We also provide Export Packaging services for commercial shipments for clients who do not have export packaging experience or are too busy to worry about this crucial function within their product logistics chain.


  • 24-hour turnaround for packaging orders.
  • Preparation of all MIL documentation:
  • DD250 (Electronic Invoicing & WAWF services)
  • Government Bill of Lading through VSM
  • Onsite Inspections
  • RFID and UID tags
  • Bar Coding Services
  • Kit Packaging
  • Warehousing Capabilities
  • Proactive notification of order receipt and completion via e-mail, fax, or phone.
  • Electronic Invoicing & WAWF services
  • CAD access for customized container design

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