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Fully equipped to handle material of all shapes and sizes

Packaging/ Logistics

Since 2006, Phoenix Trading, Inc. (PTI) has provided Commercial, Export, and Mil-Spec packaging to other vendors. The government has strict packaging guidelines for the products they purchase. Failure to correctly pack and ship the material can result in the material being rejected and sent back for repackaging or put in litigation, resulting in significant economic consequences. PTI has the expertise, equipment, supplies, and trained personnel to ensure that your products are packaged and labeled to ensure acceptance without delay in payment.

PTI’s packaging expertise is comprehensive..

  • State-of-the-art packaging facility fully equipped to handle material of all shapes and sizes.
  • Complete in-house capabilities to meet all the Mil-Spec requirements, including MIL-STD- 2073, MIL-STD- 129, and MIL-STD- 130 barcoding & marking.
  • Completely automated RFID system and UID labels.
  • We can create practically any size or shape of crate that meets the government's specifications, including PPP-B- 601, PPP-B- 621, MIL-C- 104, and many others.
  • Commercial & export packing with Industrial crating to include air evacuation and desiccant to keep the salt air away from products. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (V.C.I.) preservation, if required.
  • High-speed bagging system engineered for high productivity.
  • Containerization of large shipments, including rigging and blocking & bracing.
  • Initial design consultation & cost estimate.
  • Our facility has a full woodshop to meet all palletizing and crating requirements meeting Wood Packaging Material (W.P.M.), International Plant Prevention Convention (IPPC), and ISPM 15 specifications.
  • We maintain a wide selection of packaging supplies in-house to ensure a quick turnaround and expeditious delivery to our customer base.
  • Hazardous Material Packaging: Our team of certified HAZMAT shipping experts is knowledgeable about hazardous materials' packaging and shipping requirements. We carry a variety of specialty shipping boxes such as U.N. certified boxes for transportation of hazardous materials, so your product reaches its destination safely and timely.
  • Kitting: We have years of experience in assembling kits. Our internal quality control system is designed to ensure that your kit is assembled and shipped as per the requirement.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) packaging: We offer packaging for electrostatic-sensitive material such as circuit boards and TTL chips.

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